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Micah Gallagher on set of Into the Sand. El Mirage dry lake bed

Micah on set at El Mirage dry lake bed

Micah Gallagher is a filmmaker and VFX compositor. His first short was the stopmotion animated Machinehead which won several awards and screened at over twenty festivals worldwide. (click the link to view - Machinehead).


Inspired by stopmotion artists like Ray Harryhausen and Jan Jvankmajer, Micah's most recent film, Into the Sand, is a short that blends live action with stopmotion. Its premiering at the Malibu International Film Festival this December.

As a compositor he has worked on films such as Hugo, The Amazing Spider-Man and Star Trek Into Darkness. (click the link to view - Micah’s Compositing Demo Reel)



Micah and Reid (left and right) on set, day two

It didn't take Micah long before he realized he was in way over his head trying to produce his first live action film. So he called up his friend Reid who for the last several years has been producing and directing commercial content for TV and web. About twenty spreadsheets later they were on their way to what turned out to be a very successful and well organized 3-day shoot. Hands down there's no way that Into the Sand would have been shot without Reid's producing skills and leadership.

See what Reid is up to now -

Garrett O'Brien

Director of Photography

Garrett capturing another epic shot

Garrett drew the attention of Micah and Reid right away when they saw his demo reel. Something that jumped out was a short film he wrote and directed that has very little dialogue (Constant). Since Into the Sand is not dialogue driven it needed a DP who had some experience with telling the story visually. And it soon became clear that Garrett was a masterful story teller behind the lens. He understood the visual narrative of Into the Sand and fully committed himself to achieving it.

Check out more of Garrett's work here -


Lead Actor

Matthew was the first one to audition for The Boy role and in the end was the obvious choice. He was chosen out of over 300 applicants. Into the Sand is not dialogue heavy and Matthew was able to capture The Boy's inner turmoil brilliantly. 


Lead Actress

Hannah was one of over 800 girls who applied for the lead girl role. You'd think that would make for some tough decisions, but in the end, it was a no-brainer. Hannah was perfect. With a background in theater she did a fantastic job figuring out who her character is and what motivates her. She's a very talented young actress.



Stephen is an award-nominated composer and pianist from the UK with nearly a decade's worth of experience writing music for film and other media.


He and Micah first teamed up when he wrote original music for Micah's stopmotion short Machinehead. He did such a fantastic job bringing energy and all the right emotional cues to the short that Micah called upon him again to score Into the Sand. And he does not disappoint.

Hear Stephen's work -


Supervising Sound Editors

Dan and Jessie are an incredibly talented sound team that can handle all the sound requirements of a film from start to finish.


They really brought Into the Sand to life with all the sound design and foley. With several minutes of stopmotion animation and an entire day of shooting without audio they certainly had a lot to create. And they did an outstanding job, alway with smiles on their faces.

More from them here -




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